Meeting Room(4F)

We have a Meeting Room with capacity of 18 people.
(Only owners can use the Meeting Room.)

Restautants and Bars(2F,B1)

Various Restaurants and Bars are available.

Our 3 suggestions


Use as the Hotel.

TOKYO BUC is subject to the Membership system: 304 rooms are divided onto 1,560 memberships.
The owners of our memberships can stay our original rate.
Our memberships can be transferred or inherited from other owners.

For your trial stay without memberships, please check at our official HP.


Use as residence and office

You can use the rooms of 12F~15F
as residences or offices with Rental Agreement.



Use as Monthly Apartment

 On 12F~15F, we also have rooms for Monthly use.
Those rooms are furnished for your convenience.




Lot No. 803-1・803-2 2cho-me Kachidoki Chuo-ku Tokyo
Address 2-8-12 Kachidoki Chuo-ku Tokyo
Access 1minute on foot from Kachidoki station
Area Commercial area, CategoryⅡresidential area, Disaster prevention area
Site area 1,934.36㎡
Building area 1,702.17㎡
Total floor area 13,791.18㎡
Structure and scale Reinforced concrete structure,2 floors under ground and 15 floors above ground
Total units 474unites (Excluding restaurants, management office and building manager room)
Number of sectional ownership 170/474
Number of joint ownership 1560 Rights
Form of the right Real estate ownership(Co-ownership)
Share of joint ownership Ownership interest in 1/1,560
Equity ratio of land ownership 1/2,460
Area of one room 1room 19.50㎡~29.50㎡ (Not including balcony)
Facility 3 Elevators(for 9 people), Hot water supply equipment, Vending machines, Coin laundry,
Each room has an air conditioner, Bathrooms and toilet, Meeting room, Toll parking lots.
Area owned by NAKAGIN INTEGRATION Co., Ltd B1 floor (5 restaurants):420.73㎡  2nd floor (4 restaurants):223.53㎡ Management Office and building manager room:193.29㎡  Restaurant "Garden terrace":136.11㎡
Administration costs ¥9,480/month
Completion date October 25th 1975
Operation start date November 15th 1975
Form of transaction Sales and Intermediation